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Los Angeles is the City of Angels for many reasons, and one, in particular, is because of the immigrants who travel to the city. Some come for family reunification. Others may be here for employment opportunities or to escape persecution.
Whatever the reasons, migrating to the United States is a complex, confusing process. Trying to navigate the immigration path on your own can be difficult. Errors or omissions along the way can delay or even deny an immigration petition.

Migrating to Los Angeles?

If you’re planning on moving to Los Angeles from another country, you should consult with or retain a Los Angeles immigration law firm. The experienced attorneys at Maison Law Immigration Lawyers serve the entire Los Angeles County area.

Our Immigration Practice Areas

Our law firm represents clients in a wide range of immigration cases and offers many solutions. Here are some of the immigration areas of our lawyers:

Fiancé or Spousal Visas

A fiancé visa might be your best and least costly option if you intend to marry someone in another country. You can petition for a spousal visa if you’ve already married in another country and your spouse is still there. Fiancé visas involve less waiting time than spousal visas. You’ll want professional legal help for either of these visas.

Employment-Based Immigration

Lawful permanent residence is achievable through a U.S. employer. For those without family here, employment-based immigration might be a viable route. It’s the U.S. employer that must petition for the foreign worker.

Removal Proceedings

There are several steps in the deportation process. Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers can explain the process to you. Those facing deportation proceedings can get legal assistance and raise defenses on their behalf.

Defenses in Immigration Court for Criminal Convictions

A strong deportation defense might help to avoid detention or deportation. A bond is often available if you have a family member who is being detained.


Being granted asylum might be temporary, or it could be permanent. It’s being sought by new undocumented immigrants now. Asylum must be sought within one year of setting foot in the United States. It’s a complicated process that requires professional help. An experienced and dedicated immigration lawyer is essential.

Naturalized Citizenship

The requirements for becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen are extensive. You can apply for citizenship after you’ve been here as a permanent resident for five years, or you’re the spouse of a citizen for three years. Legal issues might arise that we can help you with.

VAWA. The Violence Against Women Act is available to parents, children, or abused current or former spouses of U.S. residents. Lawful permanent residency and citizenship might be sought under VAWA. Victims need a compassionate and aggressive Los Angeles immigration lawyer advocating for them.

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Maison Law Immigration Lawyers are highly regarded by the legal community for their integrity and high ethical standards. If you or a family member are facing an immigration issue and live in or around Los Angeles, contact us for a consultation and case review.
We’ll be happy to speak with you and advise you on the range of immigration alternatives. There’s more than one reason why you’re either in the United States or want to remain here, and we want to see you living and working here permanently. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to help you and your family as a whole and remain together.