Bakersfield California Humanitarian Parole Lawyer

Under unusual circumstances, it is sometimes possible for an otherwise inadmissible foreign national to obtain entry into the United States for urgent humanitarian reasons. An experienced and dedicated Central Valley immigration attorney at Maison Law Immigration Lawyers could be pivotal in helping you gain entry through Humanitarian Parole. 

What is Humanitarian Parole?

This type of entry can be granted to anybody from nearly anywhere in the world with an urgent reason to travel to the United States. The reason might be for life saving medical care or providing a significant benefit to others in the United States. Humanitarian Parole is discretionary. It grants mere temporary admission into the country on a case-by-case basis. It lasts only for the duration of the emergency or as long as humanitarian circumstances exist.

The Humanitarian Visa Process

Humanitarian Parole is so rare that there isn’t even a specific form to apply for it with. A Form-I-131 Application for Travel must be completed and submitted. The Form I-131 must be accompanied by a detailed letter explaining the purpose of the requested visit. All appropriate written documentation must also be provided. A Form I-134 Affidavit of Support must also be completed and submitted. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services wants to know how you’re going to support yourself during your stay in the country. 

Humanitarian Parole for Medical Reasons

An otherwise inadmissible foreign national is eligible for Humanitarian Parole for medical reasons. Parental consent is required if the beneficiary of Humanitarian Parole is under the age of majority. The request must be thoroughly documented. The following should accompany the request:

  • A statement from the individual’s attending physician advising of the patient’s diagnosis and prognosis along with the nature of the treatment and expected duration of it.
  • A statement of why such treatment in the foreign national’s home country or a nearby country.
  • An estimate of the cost of such treatment and the source of funds to pay for it along with documentary evidence of sufficient funds.
  • How the individual intends on paying for a return trip to his or her place of nationality.

Extension of Humanitarian Parole

If Humanitarian Parole is granted, it will only be for a set period of time. One year is the maximum, but if under the unique circumstances of your case, that isn’t enough time, an extension or re-parole can be sought. Take notice that an application for an extension of your Humanitarian Parole must be filed, and it cannot be filed less than 90 days before your original expiration date. If you provide us with timely notice, Maison Law Immigration Lawyers can help you in submitting an appropriate application. 

What if Humanitarian Parole is Denied?

There is no appeal process if Humanitarian Parole is denied. If new facts or changed circumstances develop that weren’t raised in an original request, you can supplement it by advising in writing of those new facts or changed circumstances. Any documentary evidence in that regard should also be submitted. In some cases, a new request with new supporting documentation will be required. There’s no limit on how many of these requests a person might be made, but an additional $575 fee per application will likely be required for each such request.

Requests for Humanitarian Parole are extremely difficult to obtain approval on. You’re giving yourself or your family member the best chance possible of having a request granted by retaining the Central Valley immigration lawyers at Maison Law Immigration Lawyers to represent you in your request. By doing so, you’re ensuring that your request is being handled efficiently and accurately by a competent and dedicated Central Valley immigration lawyer. As urgency is central to Humanitarian Parole, don’t wait to contact us.