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Immigrants made the United States the great nation that it is. It was our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who farmed our land, worked in our industries and built our cities. As immigration lawyers, we strongly believe that immigration benefits everybody in the United States. We work with generations of clients, and we offer each and every one of them the highest the highest possible standards of legal advice and counsel.

Immigration Legal Assistance and Representation

If you want to obtain a green card for a member of your family to join you here in the United Sates, the Maison Law Immigration Lawyers can help you. We provide immigration legal assistance and representation to United States citizens and lawful permanent residents by carefully and professionally guiding them through the complex and confusing immigration process. Although the services that we provide are primarily focused on behalf of Central Valley residents of California, we also work with U.S. citizens and permanent residents from across the country.

Immigrant Visas and Permanent Resident Status

When an immigrant obtains family-based permanent residency, he or she is permitted to lawfully work at any job in the United States. Their green card is issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and priority is given to             spouses, dependent children and parents. Other family members might be eligible to immigrate to the United States, but they’re subject to quotas every year, and it can take many years waiting in line before a person’s turn comes up. Any U.S. citizen can sponsor an immediate relative to enter the United States on a green card. Those immediate relatives include the following individuals:

  • The sponsor’s husband or wife.
  • The parents of the sponsor if the sponsor is 21 or older.
  • The unmarried sons or daughters of the sponsor.
  • The married sons or daughters of the sponsor.
  • The sponsor’s brothers or sisters if the sponsor is 21 or older.

A person who isn’t already a United States citizen but already has a green card is only allowed to sponsor a husband or wife or their unmarried children.

Returning Resident Green Card

The holder of a green card is permitted to travel to the country or their origin or just about any other country, but he or she cannot remain outside of the United States for longer than one calendar year. If that person is unable to return to the United States for reasons not under their control, a returning resident green card must be sought. Reasons beyond that person’s control might be having been detained in another country or not being allowed to return for family or cultural reasons

Job-Based Green Card

If a foreign national finds a job in the United States, he or she can travel here pursuant to a contract and work in the United States upon issuance of a job-based green card. The employer must sponsor the foreign national worker though. If the sponsorship application is approved, the employee is bound that employer until such time as the employment contract between the parties expires. If the individual finds work with another employer, new sponsorship documents are required.

Asylum or Refugee Status

When a person who is claiming refugee or asylee status has entered the United States, that individual is allowed to seek permanent residency after one year as a refugee, and after one year from the granting of asylum for asylees. Given the current surge of unlawful entries at the southern border of the United States, we expect to see an unprecedented number of such applications. Take notice that new rules regarding refugees and asylees are expected. We’ll advise you accordingly as soon as they are published.

Diversity Green Cards

The United States holds a lottery every year for those who are otherwise not eligible for a green card to try and obtain a diversity visa. About 55,000 of them are issued every year. Upon issuance of a diversity visa, a person is well on their way to becoming the holder of a green card.

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If you or a family member need assistance in obtaining a permanent residency in the United States, speak with a Central Valley immigration lawyer at Maison Law Immigration Lawyers. We know what needs to be done to effectively help you. We’re committed to helping every person who intends on becoming a permanent resident of the United States in obtaining the professional legal assistance that they deserve. It’s people like you who built this country, and your family members can continue build it even better.