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We are committed to helping people with Deportation Defense, Immigrant Criminal Defense, Citizenship, Family Based Visa, Appeals, Bond Proceedings, Corporate Immigration and other Immigration needs.

Maison Law Immigration Lawyers is a full service immigration law firm in Bakersfield that helps people in the Central Valley of California with their complicated immigration needs.

The United States immigration process is complicated and leaves no room for mistakes. One error can put your immigration status at risk and leave you vulnerable for deportation.

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Family Based Visas

We help residents already in the U.S. to ensure the safety of family members in other countries. We empower our clients to sponsor a loved one’s legal arrival in the United States and assist immigrants in getting long-term visas. There are no limits on the number of family-based immigration visas that are awarded in any given year for close family members. We work to earn your entire family physical safety and financial security in the U.S. Trust our Central Valley Family Immigration Lawyers to guide your family members to safety and permanent residency.

Immigration Appeals

The U.S. Immigration process is far from perfect, and many people are wrongfully denied visas, green cards, and citizenship. A denial is not the end of the story. Maison Law Immigration Lawyers fights back with strong appeals to secure residency and citizenship for our clients. A rejection may leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid for your family members, but you will have powerful legal representation to make sure you receive justice and a renewed chance at citizenship. Contact our Central Valley Immigration Appeals Lawyers today.

Bond Proceedings

Maison Law Immigration Lawyers stand beside our clients as they face bond hearings. We work to get you or a family member released from immigration detention under a fair bond amount. We mount successful appeals when protesting an unjust bond decision. We make sure our clients don’t miss important deadlines and are present with the correct documents for each hearing. The goal is to advance through the bond process to work towards permanent residency and citizenship. Contact our Immigration Bond Lawyers for immediate help.

Corporate Immigration

Maison Law makes sure employment visas are granted to priority workers and workers from other countries transferring to work offices based in the U.S. We can help foreign professionals obtain short and long-term visas. When business professionals, artists, professors, and researchers desire full citizenship, we help our clients start down that path. Discuss your best options for obtaining the employment-based visa that’s best for you with our Central Valley Employment Immigration Lawyers.


Frequently Asked Questions

A sponsor must already be a citizen or have legal permanent residency. The sponsor must be at least 18 and must usually be living in the United States.

Yes, in some cases. We help people already in the U.S. and those who live outside the U.S. become lawful permanent residents. The eligibility will depend on many factors that you should talk over with a Central Valley Immigration Attorney.

Not always. If you haven’t committed a crime, you can often avoid immigration proceedings for quite a while. If you aren’t randomly picked up by ICE agents and you don’t leave the country and try to return, you will probably be able to stay in the U.S. for a time.

Contact a Central Valley Immigration Lawyer

Experienced lawyers who understand immigration law are in a far better position to obtain successful results for you and your family. Mistakes and missing information are caught before your petition is reviewed and denied leaving you to have to start over again. The life-altering outcomes are too important to leave to chance.

You should speak with a Central Valley immigration lawyer to make sure that your immigration case is as strong as possible and is backed up with the proper documents. Maison Law Immigration Lawyers can answer your questions about your best path to citizenship and getting your family members to the U.S. with you, where they belong. You’ll be fully informed about the status of your case as it progresses through the immigration system. Contact us today to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation.