Hanford Immigration and Green Card Lawyers

There are many ways that a person might gain legal entry into the United States. Family-based immigration might be the most common way. Here at Maison Law Immigration Lawyers in Bakersfield, we work with our clients in helping them to understand all of their alternatives for family-based immigration and obtaining permanent residency for their loved ones. We work closely with both family member sponsors who are already legally residing in the United States and intending immigrants. We make sure that sponsors have the financial means to support their beneficiaries until such time as that immigrant is able to stand on his or her own two feet.

Approval to Enter the U.S. Isn’t a Green Card

There may be times that a person receives approval to enter the United States to visit with family, but that approval doesn’t constitute lawful permanent residence. For example, a person might be granted a tourist visa to visit family members, but that visa has a time limit on it. Then, the person needs to seek an extension of their visa or go home. Maison Law Immigration Lawyers works with its clients throughout the green card process. We can even help when an individual wishes to become a U.S. citizen. Here are some of the family-based immigration visas that we ordinarily work on with our clients:

  • IR Visas for Immediate Relatives: A United States citizen is permitted to sponsor his or her spouse and minor children under the age of 21 who are unmarried. Parents can even be sponsored, so long as the U.S. citizen is over the at of 21. Waiting times are much shorter for an IR visa and there are no restrictions on the number of IR visas that can be issued.
  • F Family Preference Visas: If you’re a United States citizen, there are no limits on the number of family-based green cards that are issued for immediate relatives. Also include in the F Family Preference category are F1 for sons or daughters the sponsor who are over the age of 21, the F3 for a son or daughter who is already married and the F4 for the brother or sister of a United States citizen.

Family-Based Immigration for Permanent Residents

Family-based immigration rules are different for lawful permanent residents who wish to sponsor a family member. If you’re lawful permanent resident who wants to sponsor a family member for a green card, take notice that there is a limit on the number of such green cards that can be issued every year. Those limits will make waiting times considerably longer. One of our lawyers at Maison Law Immigration Lawyers can advise you further on the preference categories and requirements.

Some Other Important Requirements

There may be times when more than one sponsor will be permitted. A medical examination by a designated physician is required of anybody seeking permanent residency. If the beneficiary is over the age of 16 and being processed through a consulate, a police certificate will be required as to any criminal convictions.

Not only do we serve members of Hanford and the communities that surround it, we serve clients from across California. Our government strongly favors family unity. Immigrants built the United States, and immigrants will continue to build it even better. Our practice at Maison Law Immigration Lawyers focuses on immigration law. Contact us with your questions. We’ll be happy to help your family realize its dreams.